Photo: Oscar Lovnér

Work in progress - Solid Metal

for percussion duo and pre-recorded sounds.


Concerto for Clarinet and Orchestra (2017)

for solo clarinet and orchestra.


     Version for clarinet and percussion quartet (2017)


Dreams Long Gone (2017)

for solo percussion and pre-recorded sounds.


Concerto for Marimba and Orchestra (2016)

for solo marimba and orchestra.


     Version for marimba and chamber ensemble (2017)


The Great Conundrum (2015)

for saxophone quartet and percussion trio.


     1:st movement for clarinet and percussion trio (2016)


Crystal Dreams (2014)

for percussion duo and pre-recorded sounds.


Black Tears (2013)

for solo percussion and two mallet players.


Anyones Song (2011)

for 9 percussion players.


Multiple Layers (2009)

for 13 percussion players.


The Labyrinth (2008) (Rev. 2015)

for bass clarinet, two percussionists and electronics.


The Tapachula River (2007)

for solo marimba and two percussionists.


The BaKoSa Experiment (2006)

for grand piano and two percussionists.


The Contingency Plan (2006)

for grand piano, vibraphone and marimba.


Double Exposure (2005)

for solo marimba.


Something in Between (2005)

for tuba, grand piano and percussion.


The Journey (2004) (Rev. 2007)

for 8 percussion players.


Sunday Afternoon (2003)

for solo marimba.


Scattered Thoughts (2001)

duet for vibraphone (with opt. crotales) and marimba.


Gentle Touch (2000)

duet for two percussionists.


The Legacy (2000) (Rev. 2010)

duet for vibraphone and marimba.



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